Advantages of Using Wi-Fi Proximity Beacon Marketing in Your Company

Beacon marketing is communicating personalized messages via mobile applications to customers who are in a particular geofence, whether they are online or offline. These are the benefits of using Wi-Fi proximity Beacon marketing.

You can make a commercial success from your mobile application when you use Wi-Fi proximity marketing. The technique will increase the interaction of customers with the app because of the push notifications that keep them engaged with the app. Click to learn more about marketing solution. The increased rate of customers interacting with the application increases the sales of your company and make the app a commercial success.

Geo-targeting is more efficient a defective when Wi-Fi proximity marketing implemented simultaneously with geo-targeting. A push notification is sent to the mobile phone of a person who enters a specific location and exits. Your potential customers may be near the same beacon, but they will receive push notifications that have different messages if you use channels and segments. Wi-Fi tracking and GPS does not provide data about a location that is as detailed as the beacons.

There is a competitive advantage that Wi-Fi proximity marketing provides your company. Wi-Fi proximity marketing enables you to interact with your customers more for you to gain their loyalty. Beacons provide you with enough crucial information about customers such as name, city, email, demographics and more. Use the analytics app to analyze the data of the customer and used segments and channels to send personalized push notifications so that the interaction you have with customers improves. You should not send too many push notifications because they make a turn of the existing and prospective customers.

Conversions on proximity marketing original time to enable your company to make real-time decisions. You can check the performance of your Wi-Fi proximity marketing campaigns in real-time as you connect to the customers. These conversions can help you to make appropriate decisions immediately if the proximity campaigns are not generating satisfactory results. You will roll out the proximity campaign at the appropriate time when customers are highly likely to purchase such as during your corporate event or in peak season. Get more sales now. When you are having a corporate event use Wi-Fi proximity marketing so that you get real-time conversions and make real-time decisions.

Wi-Fi proximity marketing improve the retention of an application in the business. Brand loyalty is increased when proximity marketing campaigns are carried out regularly. You should install an app for analyzing and generating reports about engagement rate and open rate of push notifications by customers. The open rate and engagement rate reports will help you to improve your push notification so that they can draw the attention of more customers. An organization retains an app that is being adopted at a fast rate by customers. Learn more from